Effective Microorganisms Composite Scupper Drain (EM-CSD)

Problem Statement

Flash flood at road side drain causing traffic problem.
flash flood
flash flood1
flash flood3
flash flood2

Concrete Mix Design

The mix design prepared with 0.55 w/c ratio.

The quantity for EM was 10% by replacing the amount of total water content.

Concrete mix for control concrete mix (without EM) and EM concrete mix (with addition of EM) was the same.
concrete mix design

Lab Testing for Concrete Mix Design Workability Identification

The slump test.

Workability of EM concrete IMPROVED.
slumptest result
Cube strength test.

The compressive strength of EM concrete is HIGHER.
cube strength test
cube strength test1
cube strength test2
Mode of failure for (a) CONC and (b) EMC at 28 days.
mode of failure
mode of failure1
mode of failure2
mode of failure3
Temperature test for (a) CONC and (b) EMC.

EM concrete COOLER than Normal concrete.
temperature test
temperature test1
temperature test2
temperature test3